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Train Hard Be Humble Fight Dirty

Union City’s Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Club comes from humble beginnings. Sigung Jeff Macalolooy founded the Dragons Den in his parent’s garage during his last year at CSU Hayward, in March 1997. Sigung Jeff began his personal journey in the martial arts in 1980, training in the St. Anne’s Church Hall in Old Alvarado.

A unique approach to the modern martial artists is complemented with the values of traditional martial arts.

Members of the Dragons Den are part of a Martial Arts Ohana (family). The evolution of training is fostered without sacrificing the respect, virtues, and roots of true martial art traditions.

Today, Dragons Den MMA has multiple martial arts and fitness programs for children, teens, men, and women. Classes range from combat sports to fitness classes and from traditional martial arts classes to professional fighter training.

Train Hard Be Humble Fight Dirty

  • “ I love working out at the Dragons Den. It has really helped me reach my fitness goal. The instructors are very friendly and supportive. I have been taking classes at the Dragons Den for about 6 months so far and I have lost almost 40lbs! I feel healthier and stronger! ”

    DC Girl-Faye Bennett
  • “ To all my Kaju Ohana, I’ve have been practicing grab punches this week getting ready for my Blue Belt test and found out today that grab punch art # 6 works. I'm at work right now and earlier today at around 5pm an outsider what we call a 1030 came into the building and tried to pick a fight with our janitor. I stepped in between the both and the outsider grabbed me and tried to punch me and out of reaction came out grab punch # 6 with out the finish. ”

    Abraham DeVos
  • “ We love Dragons Den! My 5 year old daughter is in the Tiny Dragons kajukenbo class and I take the twice-weekly Lady Dragons kickboxing class. The teachers are fantastic, incorporating lessons that target the different skill levels of participants and guiding our development patiently and with genuine friendliness (so it's not about being strict cold instructors). Plus, there's a family waiting room area for parents and siblings to hang out in while waiting. I recommend it wholeheartedly! ”

    Anna Wang

Our Teachings
What we Offer

DDMMA currently offers traditional martial arts classes in Hawaiian Kajukenbo, Indonesian Silat, and Filipino Eskrima. More modern, competition-based arts include Muay Thai Boxing, No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu (Baret Submissions), and Mixed Martial Arts (cage-fighting). There are also the sanctioned Olympic sports of USA Boxing and USA Wrestling.

Fitness classes are available mornings, mid-day, and evenings, in Fusion Fitness, boot camps and Combat Kettlebell Conditioning.

Members can study Jeet Kune Do, based on the philosophies of the great Bruce Lee and Grandmaster Richard Bustillo’s International Martial Arts and Boxing (IMB) curriculum.